3 Best Lakes Worth Exploring in Ontario

The province of Ontario in Canada has to be among the must-visit places for nature enthusiasts. When it comes to nature tourism, it is certainly a destination that many travelers would want to explore. It is home to the globally renowned Niagara Falls. In addition to this, the province is home to four of the Great Lakes. Ontario also has an abundance of wildlife and untouched forests.

Shopaholics can also have a wonderful time in this part of the world. Besides all the other items, they can shop for the locally-manufactured cheese and maple syrup. You’ll also be able to indulge in a variety of cultural activities. While in Ontario, there are certain things that you must not forget to explore. Among them are the beautiful lakes of the province.

1. Lake Superior

For most of the residents of Ontario, Lake Superior is a place for relaxation, fun, and adventure. It won’t be wrong to call it the ‘granddaddy of all the Great Lakes’. During the summer months, the lake is calm and the nature surrounding it is at its best. The rugged shoreline along this lake is quite charming and has been an inspiration for many artists. You’ll find smooth pink rocks in some areas that descend into the clear waters.

Along the shoreline of Lake Superior, you’ll also come across some of the finest beaches in the province. The beaches at Batchawana Bay and Pancake Bay are the most gorgeous ones. They’ll surely remind you of the beaches of the Caribbean islands. The waters touching these beaches are quite warm in the shallows. However, if you move a bit farther, you’ll get to experience the cooler waters.

2. Lake Huron

Lake Huron shares its western portion with the United States. This part of the lake has limestone shorelines and long beaches. The waters are shallow and warm with most of the coast having extensive developments. You can find some wonderful places for camping along this stretch.

One of them is Pinery Provincial Park. If you’re visiting during summer, you’ll have a great time in the beach town of Grand Bend. The eastern portion of Lake Huron is called Georgian Bay and lies entirely in Ontario. Other than Bruce Peninsula, it is mostly rugged with granite shorelines.

Killarney Provincial Park is a beautiful place where you can truly enjoy the offerings of Georgian Bay. It gives you ample opportunities for camping and hiking. The water is deep and cold in Georgian Bay. The fascinating beach at Wasaga is one of Georgian Bay’s highlights. It is the world’s longest freshwater beach.

3. Lake Ontario

This lake spans 300 kilometers from the city of Hamilton in the west. For those residing in Toronto, Lake Ontario would be at their doorstep. This lake travels towards the east and drains out to the St. Lawrence river. This cold and clear lake gives you the chance to relax on one of the beaches along its shore. Among the most popular beaches are Woodbine Beach and the ones on Toronto Islands.

Jack Darling Park in Mississauga is yet another place along the shoreline of Lake Ontario where you can unwind. The sailing events that take place on the lake are quite spectacular. As there are no obstacles that you might run into, people enjoy sailing on the lake a lot.

3 Best Lakes Worth Exploring in Ontario

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